New York’s Hungry Will Benefit from a Byproduct of Trump’s Trade War

The president seen signing a trade deal with the leaders of Mexico and Canada. His administration has purchased food from U.S. farmers hurt by the tariffs and is donating some of it to food assistance programs. Photo: The White House

Convoys of trucks will arrive as early Monday, December 17, with the first special delivery of more than $12.7 million worth of meat, fresh produce, and other food, for New York State’s hungriest residents.

Through March 2019, twice-monthly shipments to the state’s eight regional food banks, will reach “over 2,500 soup kitchens/pantries in all 62 counties,” said Joseph Brillo, spokesman for the New York State Office of General Services in an email.

Under the $12 billion Trade Mitigation package the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) unveiled in July, the USDA agreed to purchase food from farmers and producers, to compensate them for losses due to the Trump Administration’s tariff wars with China, NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada, and other nations. USDA designated $1.2 billion for nutrition assistance such as The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) and child nutrition programs. [Continued at City Limits]


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